Scat Picnic P1

Today Lady Grace and Lady Katharina make a trip into the woods for a picnic. Both ladies have fun with humiliating her toilet slave while eating. Then Lady Grace has to poop and the slave is holding a paper plate. The whole turd plops onto the plate. Then the toilet slave should start to eat the shit. Download Scat Picnic P1 movie

Private Scat torture in New York!

Want to also feel the atmosphere of New York? Come on, then lick my soles clean. Maybe sticking because even the dust of the streets of New York. hahhaaaaa… Or do it like my toilet from the USA. He has the luxury indulged to let me specially fly so he can eat my shit live and real! First of all, with the amount that I have shit, I could shit 2 slaves mouth. But first, I enjoy my stay at the luxury hotel and smoke my cigarette. Of course, the slave is in this case used as an ashtray and spittoon. What do you think? Then my shoes clean with his slave tongue. What? You are thirsty? Wait, Ill piss in a glass, then you have something to drink! Now I eat a tasty pizza.. mmhh yummy… Pooh .. now Im really full…. Since I was not poop some days I feel like it pushes slowly….. What I could now sick shit loose 2 slaves. But since only toilet was present, was only allowed to eat it the horny shit from Germany alone and he listen my insults and humiliations. I definitely had my fun! Who can afford it, should invite me to a trip to New York. In return, I shit you in your pathetic mouth! Just as the toilets pig here and put the video on the Internet so the whole world can see what youre a shit-eating loser! Download Private Scat torture in New York! movie

Scat for Dessert!

These men want to eat scat for dessert, but theres no female in her conscious state of mind who wants to give it to them. So the best solution is to render them unconscious the best way they know how – by wine. They serve the girls a gourmet dinner and cap it off with fine wine. The girls have one too many glasses and they drop to the floor. The men seizes the moment and removes their skirt and panties, displaying their perky bums. They play with the girls assholes and prime them up for releasing shit. Download Scat for Dessert! movie

Mistress Roberta – Tasty panties treat -pov

Today i have a surprise for my toilet slaves and prepared a tasty panties treat for you . First i have weared this panties for 3 days after my period finished so pussy juices are on them i remove them and pee on them first soak them with pee and after i poop on them giving you panties glazed with poop for this morning feast .Enjoy! Download Mistress Roberta – Tasty panties treat -pov movie

Sleepover with Hot Chicks Turns Nasty! – Full Movie HD

This new girl is thrilled to be invited to the sleepover of the hottest girls in college. Little did she know that the got something in store for her! They switch the web cam on and the older girls coax her to take off her clothes and face the camera naked! The girls display her perky tits and make her bend over so that everyone can see her smooth asshole! Download Sleepover with Hot Chicks Turns Nasty! – Full Movie HD movie

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