A Week of Shit ? Orgasm!

I am completely covered in my shit! I?ve collected a entire weeks work of my poop and I?ve smeared it all over myself! After fucking myself and playing with my toys, I?m incredibly horny! I am so desperate to cum! Do you want to watch me have a massive orgasm while I?m covered in poop? I rub my clit and talk dirty to you and give you a nice close up of my shit stained pussy! It?s not long before I am more than ready to cum! The orgasm rips through me and leaves me short of breath! I cum the hardest when I?m covered in poop! The dirtiest orgasms are always the best! Bonus! I?ve added a fun little bonus to this video! On day 6 I had a bit of fun with my poop! I shit out a turd that looked like a smile! I have quite bit of naughty fun with it! Smearing my shit on my lips, talking dirty, putting my shit in my mouth, and all kinds of fun! I think you will enjoy it! This is the only video where I?ll add the bonus, so enjoy! Download A Week of Shit ? Orgasm! movie

Miranda, Erin and obedient toilet slave.

A new model Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth. A lot of shit goes from her big ass right into his mouth. At this moment Erin is resting on the bed. Now that Miranda hasshit, two girls smear the shit on the slaves face. Then a slave thoroughly licks the shoes of Miranda and Erins feet. Extremely delicious feet of Erin covered with chocolate flavored shitof Miranda. Download Miranda, Erin and obedient toilet slave. movie

Serving breakfast

This is his breakfast! I cook and serve at the same time, like a real goddess. Well served in a duralex dish , in front of his nose . It is looking so delicious … and my farts smelling so wonderful. Come close and look it! I know that you want to eat that shit too, so do it NOW! Download Serving breakfast movie

Pervert old man spiked laxative to friends daughters tea! – Part 1

He invites the young girls over to his house and serves them tea and cakes and secretly pour laxative in their tea, the girls happily accepted the tea but were in shocked when their stomach started rumbling and without any notice produce liquid shit for him to savor. He excitedly takes the poop in his hands and smear it all over his face! Download Pervert old man spiked laxative to friends daughters tea! – Part 1 movie


Godess again alone in her dungeon. Bad day because her toilets are very busy and cannot arrive in time for lunch !! She dress in a sexy seethrough red panty and a high heels and get her toilet chair to relaxing while preparing a huge meal. She pissing through panty in a bowl then shitting a slimmy dirrhea into bowl also. Then she wating for her slaves to get their daily meal. NEW MOVIE IN OUR OTHER STORE EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS : GODESS EZADA AND HER FULL TOILET SLAVE EATING ALL HER SHIT !!! Check the store and buy the only one scat movie with Godess Ezada in action !!! Download SEXY MEAL IN HIGH HEELS AND PANTY movie

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