I have just returned from riding, I still have my riding boots muddy and Im shitting! Sitting comfortably I call my slave to clean them, while shabby, and then humiliate him heavily, making him lick my shit, straight from the ground and from the soles of my boots. Smear him on the face, and finally, after a good clean, I will serve my delicious cocktails to drink. A very special video … Download MISTRESS GAIA – RIDING SCAT movie


Be the human toilet you are! You were born to be a toilet, my personal toilet! Listen to all noises coming from my body: you must do this only for my own pleasure, not for your one. Listen to them very carefully! Hear how my hot shit comes out of my ass and ends down in the wc… hear the noise of my golden rain … and smell deeply the divine scent that your Goddess provides you! Download MISTRESS GAIAs NOISES movie

**Scatology Hospital** Lesbian Nurses – HD

All nurses in the scatology hospital must be well trained and understand the fine arts of scatology! This clip shows how the nurse is introduced into the ways of scatology so she is in a position to care for other patients needing scat therapy. All nurses must get involved so as you can imagine, things get VERY messy! Here is a sample of normality at the hospital when new nurse arrive. ***HD only*** Download **Scatology Hospital** Lesbian Nurses – HD movie

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