I Love Your Scat Mistress P1

Together with Lady Lisa i teach a cheeky toiletslave. First i piss in his mouth and he swallow it all, than i shit in the mouth of the toiletslave. That makes the him so horny that he want to touch himselve. Lady Lisa whip his balls with a riding crop to stop touching himsleve till she have to piss in his mouth too. Download I Love Your Scat Mistress P1 movie

Drinking Piss and Diarrhea in Godess Room

Godess was dressing in a seethrough black catsuit and her personal toilet begun to stroke his cock hard just thinking . . . . But as usually, Godess have only a full meal for her slaves, consisting in a big torrrent of piss, directly into slaves throats, and huge Diarrheas also with mouths open wide !!! Thats why Godess is so loved, she know how to do that, without pushing 🙂 At the end, slave cumming hard chewing Godess diarrhea !!! No sound today because of other external sounds. A new movie today also in our other store SCATDOMINAANDTOILET, check it and see it. With kink, your Scat Godess Download Drinking Piss and Diarrhea in Godess Room movie

Human Toilet Paper

6ft tall amazon Ms. Anna pees and takes a huge dump on the toilet (you can hear her logs splashing as they come out) only to find out that her shit boy forgot to refill the toilet paper. As punishment he is made to lick her big smelly and dirty ass clean. You get to see the huge logs in the toilet after she is done. Download Human Toilet Paper movie

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