CUSTOM REQUEST – Full Nude Reverse Face Sitting. Please use a belt for the slave to be smothered by your farts (and your shit) of your ass. Facesitting with lots of farts loud and wet. You can shit as much as you want on him, dont hesitate to be rude when you are facesitting or farting or shitting, and using the belt for pulling him hard into your ass as you suffocate him for a long long time. Hes under your ass and tied down so tightly hes unable to move and cant escape. As he struggles and gasps for air your slave begs you to stop. However, you just keep smothering him… Download MISTRESS GAIA – SMOTHERED UNDER MY FARTS and SCAT – mobile version movie

Holding My Shit for Five Days!

I did not shit for 5 whole days! Five days of grunting and farting and desperation! I spent the entire fifth day laying in best sweating and concentrating on not shitting myself! Finally after five days of holding my shit I straddle my toilet and let out the most massive long soft shit! My shit just bursts out of my asshole! Oh god it feels so good getting all of that out of me! I know I?ve got some more shit in me though! I let out another smaller hard turd! Then it?s time to see what?s in my toilet! Woah! That?s so much nasty shit! Days worth of shit that?s been sitting inside of me for five whole days! It?s the moment of truth? Will all of this shit flush!? Download Holding My Shit for Five Days! movie

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