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Hard toilet training by new Goddess

After last movie of Mistress Ezada, when she used her ugly pathetic loser and filled his mouth with her kaviar, Godess just make pictures and vids and sent them to many ladies, all of them beeing good friends of her. Because the slave says he will do anything to serve her and other Mistresses at requests, Godess want to make a present to a good girlfriend of her and borrowing her toilet for daily use as her full human toilet. This will be again a huge honor for him, and toilet slut should be grateful to receive and ingest again anything that comes out of Her divine body also. To make sure he will obey everything and eat all, new Goddess beat the toilet before use. She spank him, ballbusting him, pushing her hand deep in his throat to be sure his mouth will be open wide to receive a big meal ! Again an epic movie with a Silicone Goddess, friend of Mistress Ezada Sinn. In the future, more Godesses will request the pathetic toilet for daily use . . . Download Hard toilet training by new Goddess movie


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In this video I treat my slave as she deserves: her excuses are unacceptable, then I punish her severely. She is disgusting, because she gets wet always, in whatever way I punish her: for this reason I whip her on pussy. Then, I order her to drink my piss and to swallow my shit, but she still gets wet! Look at the end of the video… she is very disgusting! Download MISTRESS GAIA – YOU MUSTNT GET WET! movie

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