Peeing For Daddy

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Sexy farts and shitty ass smearing

I feel so gassy today, i have so many sexy farts for you, mmm smell them put your nose in my asshole and smell them, I take so many farts and after this i feel like i need to release myself so I pee in my white leggings and i makea big shit also, I smear my smoothie all over my ass and my body, omg my smoothie smells so good, and my farts too open your mouth and get ready for my sexy hot farts. Enjoy! Download Sexy farts and shitty ass smearing movie

Captured Shit Girl!

Help me please! Someone horrible chained me up out in the woods all alone! Im left cold and shivering with shit smeared all over my body! Listen to me tell you about all the horrible things my captor does to me when he visits his chained up scat girl deep in the woods. What would you do to me if you found a shit eating girl in the woods? Would you feed me your shit? Or smear it all over my body? Or fuck my dirty shit smeared ass? Download Captured Shit Girl! movie

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