Mommy is dancing and shitting for her baby

My adult son is sitting on the floor in our living room.I come home from work, im dressed elegantly with boots and a short dress. Im asking my son if I can do something for him. He is not sure, but I notice that he is looking at my sexy legs. Im thinking that i should dance for him.He likes the idea very much. While im dancing i allow him to look under my dress. After some minutes i ask if he wants to see something very special. And of course he wants. I start pissing and pooping for him, and he is in heaven and he love to watch that. Im pooping on the floor and show him me wonderful dirty ass. My baby is so excited, so i continue to dance in front of him with my dirty asshole naked. in the end my son cum for me , thats my boy, such a good boy:D Download Mommy is dancing and shitting for her baby movie

Schoolgirls abuse captured domesticated human toilet

Two extremely cute schoolgirls have their very own domesticated human toilet. He started the day as a cold calling salesman but this time he choose the wrong door to knock on. Inside there are two girls who have had weekend courses in scatology. What a perfect opportunity to practice their skills on this unsuspecting soul. They let him in and take control of the situation by ordering him to bow before them. He is given a bottle to place into his mouth which has already been prepared to form a vessel for delivering their piss. One of them squats over the bottle and releases her golden piss for him to drink. There is no drops spilled and he complies with their demands as he knows he should. After drinking the pee, the next squats over him and pushes put some liquid brown goodness from her anal passage. He cant manage to eat it all and the girls dont want to waste a drop. The captured man is smothered under their ass and then the girls empties the rest of the shit directly out of her ass into a bowl for later consumption from the captive newly turned slave! Download Schoolgirls abuse captured domesticated human toilet movie

Pretty Girl Loves Eating Her Own Shit!

She loves herself so much that she appreciates not just her body parts, but the wastes and fluids that comes out of her body as well. Shes so in love with herself that she actually likes eating her own shit! How about that?! She brings down her panties and bends down, showing her perky ass. Someone fingers her asshole to stimulate it; minutes later, chunks of shit comes out of it, dropping it on a bowl. She takes the shit bits and nibbles on it, smiling while she does so. Download Pretty Girl Loves Eating Her Own Shit! movie

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