Massive Six Day Load!

Ever wonder what someone goes through while holing their shit for 6 whole days? Watch this video to find out! And to see the massive load in my toilet once its all out! This 15 min. video shows updates on my holding throughout the week and also the three separate attempts to get all the shit out! Half of the video Im standing over my toilet and the other half I am sitting down! You can see the concentration on my face and hear the grunting and the giants farts and see the look of relief as I push out six days of shit! Download Massive Six Day Load! movie

Elevator fiasco!

She really needs to go to the bathroom to let her shit out, but its taking to damn long for the elevator to go down. She can feel her stomach rumbling, her scat threatening to explode in her panties. But the elevator is taking so long, her shit splattered instantly from her asshole, scattering down her legs and into the floor. She cries desperately in humiliation as she waits for the elevator to open and she can leave, hoping no one sees her and her disgusting mess. Download Elevator fiasco! movie

Scat at the balcony P1

Lady Sandy and Mistress Michelle are relaxing together on the bed and watch television a little and talk about some things. One of Mistress Michelles toilet slaves are waiting at the balcony for his treatment. than Mistress Michelle starts with his human toilet education. Download Scat at the balcony P1 movie

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