Mistress Roberta – Small breakfast and shit bath thub full- pov

Today i will not give you a feast my toilet slave but i will make your day happy so fisrt part of this video is about you poor breakfast me peeing on the floor , shitting in the jar just a bit so you wont be hungry but in the second part of this video is me preparing your bath thub first i am shitting in it a big pile of shit i let you eat from it and after you finish i clean my ass in the bath thub and give you a brown bath . Download Mistress Roberta – Small breakfast and shit bath thub full- pov movie

Teen mistress shares her food

A beautiful teen mistress who has been training to be a mistress ever she was taught by her mother. She has a caged slave and goes to visit him while eating her food. She separates some of her food and put it into a bowl. She releases her human dog slave who has his collar on and a chain to guide him with. She takes the bowl which she placed some of her food in, and then squats over it to add golden sauce to it. She then orders her slave to consume every last drop and every last piece. Download Teen mistress shares her food movie

Endless licking and pissing! Full Movie

This kinky bitch is making good use of her willing slave, who will cater to her every whim. Her slave is all too willing to do anything for her, even it it involves getting pissed on. She drink lots of coffee and water and then ejects loads of pee on her slave. She pees on the coffee cup and makes her slave drink it up. Her slave drinks everything, up to the last drop. She sits on her slaves face and makes her eat her sticky wet cunt. Her slave laps at her mistress pussy and fingers it as well. Her mistress produces more pee for the willing slave to drink. Download Endless licking and pissing! Full Movie movie

MistressAnna – Long Shit

I know it seems cruel, but if all you will ever be in life is a TOILET then showing you sympathy and encouraging false hopes of ever being considered human by me is by far more cruel than simply using you like the toilet you are. So, fashionable as I am, I do not always get dressed up when I use my toilet. I dont get dressed up for a cockroach. So in this video I am dressed in cut-off jeans and a flannel shirt, but my natural beauty does not need expensive fashion. Indeed, the less I have on, the better it is for you PATHETIC, MASTURBATING PIGS. Here you get a toilets eye view of my beautiful pussy and asshole as I shift around on the toilet seat to allow the slave to get its tongue as deep into my asshole as possible. You will be thrilled as different views of my pussy and asshole come into your view. Make sure you open your mouth when you hear me tell the slave, Eat my shit, so you can imagine the long shit is going into your mouth! The more you imagine eating my shit along with my video slave the WEAKER you will become for me and the easier it will be for me to make you into my TOILET when you are finally in my presence. My shit this time is gloriously long and the entire delivery is shot from two different closeup angles so you can fully imagine being beneath me as I fill your mouth with my shit. You will be able to imagine lying there, your mouth wide open and full of shit, as I spring off of the toilet seat to look down at you. Imagine looking at my beautify shaved pussy and hearing my laughter. YOU ARE ONLY A TOILET TO ME. Download MistressAnna – Long Shit movie

Three Bunches Part3

For the reason that it should not be boring for the toilet he has to go to the bathtub as dirty as he is, because Lady Grace and Lady Katherina wants tu use him as her vomit bowl. And actually the toilet opens his gully and audible flushes little loadings of vomit. Hard to believe for what this Toilet might also capable. At least Lady Grace and Lady Katherina fizzle at him, finished! Attention: No more available in Membership Download Three Bunches Part3 movie

091.3 Scat BIG and double + eating

091.3 And now what you like more, scat and eating by Pongobirillo!!!!! Because i like wc-slave i can give you this clip at lower cost i can (because is 24 min) so all my virtual slaves can see my big and long and hard turd coming in his mouth. There is pee to, naturally. The turd are two, i can say you, but the mouth of Pongobiri it is not so big!!!!!!!! I hope all my virtual slaves can come here in Sardinia by me to eat!!!!!! MP4 Download 091.3 Scat BIG and double + eating movie

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